About Pitt County

Alex Albright
District 4 Pitt County Commissioners

“In North Carolina, all counties use the council-manager form of government. The commissioners hire a professional manager to oversee the day-to-day operations of the county government, while the commissioners focus on county policies.”
     —Basics of North Carolina County Government

Pitt County has six commissioner districts, each with a representative. We also have three representatives who serve two districts each, which gives us a total of nine commissioners.

District 4, the westernmost of our districts and the one which I represent, was for many years represented by Mark Owens, who retired from the Board of Commissioners in December 2018. It was Mark who convinced me to run for this office, and his endorsement of my candidacy was of immeasurable assistance in my winning this position.

Mary Perkins Williams represents District 2, most of which is north of the Tar River.

Mike Fitzpatrick represents District 3, which runs along the south side of the Tar River.

Lauren White represents District 6, the southernmost district. Representing two districts each are Melvin McLawhorn, Tom Coulson, and Beth Ward.

Pitt County is a big business, well-run by professionals. It’s the Board of Commissioners’ job to make sure that this business operates in a fiscally sound manner, and that the individual departments within are properly funded.