About the 4th District

Pitt County District 4 contains the towns of Farmville, Fountain, and Falkland; Bell Arthur, Bruce and several other unincorporated communities; and many rural homes. It also includes western portions of Greenville and Winterville. It is bordered by the Tar River on the northeast, more of Greenville and Winterville on the east; Pitt County District 6 on the south; Greene County on the southwest; Wilson County on the west; and Greene County on the northeast.

In the 2014 November election, 8,615 votes were cast in District 4. Below is a list of District 4’s voting precints and polling locations:

Arthur Precinct votes at Antioch Church Ministries, 2659 Railroad St., Bell Arthur

Falkland Precinct votes at Falkland Community Building, 5901S. Main St., Falkland

Farmville A Precinct votes at Farmville Community Center, 3886 S. Main St., Farmville

Farmville B Precinct votes at Farmville Presbyterian Church, 4138 Grimmersburg St., Farmville

Fountain Precinct votes at Fountain Fire Department, 3642 S. Lynch St., Fountain

Winterville West Precinct votes at Christ’s Church, 745 Davenport Farm Rd., WInterville

Greenville 4A Precinct votes at American Legion POst 160, 1700 Chestnut St., Greenville

Greenville 4B Precinct votes at St. Gabriel Catholic Church, 3250 Dickinson Ave., Greenville

Greenville 12A Precinct votes at Koinoinia Christian Center Church, 1405 SW Greenville Blvd., Greenville

Greenville 12B Precinct votes at University Church of Christ, 100 Crestline Blvd., Greenville