McAlester [OK] Navy Band

Eddie Summers, who was born in Port Allen, La. in 1903 and entered the Navy  from New Orleans as a musician in 1942, is the only first-hand source so far of this band’s existence. He trained at Great Lakes and recalled other New Orleans musicians who were there with him: Leo Dejan, Cie Frazier, Gilbert Young and Henry Russ all went back to New Orleans after training to serve in the Algiers Naval Station band.

Summers, who attained rank of Mus1c, and two others from from New Orleans–someone named Nelson and Jimmy Leary [?]–served in Navy bands here and then at Los Alamitos, California. 

Summers, Eddie. Interview by Bill Russell and Ralph Collins. 16 Sept. 1960. New Orleans. Hogan Jazz Archive, Tulane University, New Orleans.

–June 20, 2023