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The Forgotten First: B-1 and the Integration of the Modern Navy. Fountain, NC: R.A. Fountain, 2013.

bluegrass articles
“Carolina Bluegrass Band: Getting Good Grades from Russell Johnson.” Bluegrass Unlimited. June 2018. 

“On Bluegrass, Beer, Some Barbecue and a Few Weeks in Prague.” storySouth, Fall 2017. n.p. online Read it. 

“Prague Bluegrass Spring.” Bluegrass Unlimited. October 2016: 42-45.

blues & jazz articles
“Mose McQuitty’s Band and Minstrel Days, 1899-1937.” Bandwagon: The Journal of the Circus Historical Society 60.3 (2016): 6-47.  

“Mose McQuitty’s Unknown Career: A Personal History of Black Music in America.” Black Music Research Bulletin. 11.2 (Fall 1989): 1-5. [This & all issues of BMR, edited by Samuel Floyd, are available online via DigitalCommons@Columbia College Chicago. I was fortunate to participate in an NEH seminar Sam led at Columbia during the summer of 1991.]

“Noon Parade and Midnight Ramble: Traveling Tent Shows in North Carolina, 1900-50.” Good Country People I.1 (Spring 1995): 61-90. 

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rev. of I Remember: 80 Years of Black Entertainment, Big Bands, and the Blues, by Clyde E.B. Bernhardt. Greensboro News & Record. Sept. 27, 1987: E5.

rev. of I Remember Jazz, by Al Rose. Greensboro News & Record. Oct. 25, 1987: E5.

music scripts
“Coming into Freedom: The End of the Civil War in Eastern North Carolina” (one-woman show starring Louise Anderson with the NC Symphony, the Badgett Sisters, and the Hometown Boys). Writer, producer, director. Creswell, NC: Dept. of Cultural Resources (1 Sept. 1990).

“Boogie in Black and White.” (television documentary) Chapel Hill, NC: The Center for Public Television. February, 1988 (writer/producer). Broadcast Feb. 1988: UNC-TV network (Arbitron ratings: 25,000 viewers). Re-broadcast Feb. 1989, UNC-TV; also broadcast on PBS affiliates in 26 states, D.C. and the Virgin Islands. Watch it.

Don’t miss the Backstreet Cultural Museum when you’re in Treme. Photo by Elizabeth Albright, December 2019

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