St. Louis NAS Band

U.S. Navy photos depict a 22-piece band stationed at Lambert Field, directed by white bandmaster T.R. Hardin and led by P.H. McDavid, Mus2c.

Those identified as being in the dance band: W.C. DeLaRose and P.I. Dougherty, sax; W. Seals, baritone; V.L. Page, bass; J.I. Dudley and E.B. Leadbetter, drums; B.M. Booker, bass; H. Lumpkin, trombone; C.H. Holmes, J.A. Terrell, and W.M. Marchand, clarinet; C.E. Pittman, clarinet; E.M. Douthitt, R. McDuffie, W.H. Matthews, L. Goatley and W.H. Washington, trumpet; R.B. Venn and S.C. Green, Jr. alto. The photo accompanying these only shows 16 players and clearly depicts 4 trumpet players, 3 trombonists, and at least 5 saxophonists.




“A Little Known Legacy: The Great Lakes Experience: A Salute to African American Navy Bandsmen at the Great Lakes Naval base, 1942-1945. A Weekend of Nostalgia.” Feb. 28 – Mar. 2, 2003, Chicago, IL: 29.