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My introduction to black audience film, tented vaudeville, North Carolina film history, and nitrate film all came from researching “Pitch a Boogie Woogie,” the 1947 musical comedy featurette made in Greenville, NC by John Warner and his brother, William Lord.

Television documentary
“Boogie in Black and White.” Chapel Hill, NC: The Center for Public Television. February, 1988 (writer/producer). (Includes complete musical comedy featurette “Pitch a Boogie Woogie,” Greenville, NC. Lord-Warner Pictures, 1947). Watch it. 
   Broadcast Feb. 1988: UNC-TV network (Arbitron ratings: 25,000 viewers). Re-broadcast Feb. 1989, UNC-TV; also broadcast on PBS affiliates in 26 states, D.C. and the Virgin Islands.
  Over 7,000 have viewed this program on YouTube.

“Coming into Freedom: The End of the Civil War in Eastern North Carolina” (one-woman show starring Louise Anderson with the North Carolina Symphony, the Badgett Sisters, and the Hometown Boys). Writer, producer, director. Creswell, NC: Dept. of Cultural Resources (1 Sept. 1990).

Article in book
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 The Moonglowers Live on KGU
(1944)  & “Pitch a Boogie Woogie” Soundtrack (1947). EP Greenville, NC 1987: Chinstrap Productions. CD Fountain, NC: R.A. Fountain 2015. Liner notes and producer (with Lightnin’ Wells).

Papers presented at scholarly meetings
“Establishing the Regional Archive: The NC Film Project Begins.” Fast-Rewind II. Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY: 15 June 1991.

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