A.R. Ammons

This Christmas greeting from Archie’s Home Country is an excerpt from Tape for the Tun of the Year.


The Mule Poems, by A.R. Ammons (editor). Fountain, NC: R.A.Fountain, 2010. Buy it. 

The North Carolina Poems, by A.R. Ammons (ed., with Afterword). Lexington, KY: Broadstone Books, 2010.
     More poems than in NCWC edition & new Afterword.

The North Carolina Poems, by A.R. Ammons (ed., with Afterword) Rocky Mount, NC: North Carolina Wesleyan College P, 1994. Out of print.

book chapter

“‘Running to Catch Up: Event Becoming Word’: Ammons, Kerouac, and Their New Romantic Scrolls” in Complexities of Motion: Chaos and Order in A.R. Ammons’s Long Poems, Steven P. Schneider, ed. Fairleigh Dickinson UP, 1999: 83-113.

articles & essays

“‘Cool Control of Syllables.’” rev. of The Complete Poems of A.R. AmmonsTar River Poetry, Spring 2018.

“The Poetry of A.R. Ammons.” News & Observer 4 Mar. 2001: 2D.

“’Ponds and Mudbanks and Ditchbanks, Brierberries, Things of That Kind’: A Conversation with A.R. Ammons.” North Carolina Literary Review 1.1 (summer 1992) 46-57.
      The “Ammons & Lawson issue” includes the first publication of Ammons’ poem “Broad Brush,” several personal photos, excerpts from Tape for the Turn of the Year, and Patricia Gantt’s “The A R. Ammons Papers,” a survey of UNC-CH’s collection of early Ammons journals and letters. Buy it.