Growing up in Graham, I was surrounded by bluegrass, I’m sure, though I’d likely not have noticed it as different from country music. Being 13 when the Beatles broke meant, for me, that such roots music wouldn’t take hold for a long time, decades, in fact.
    Collard poems introduced me to Shelby Stephenson in 1983, and nearly twenty years later, Shelby introduced me to bluegrass music, via his family band the Stephenson Brothers (Shelby, Marshall and Paul) & Linda, who were a featured act at R.A. Fountain General Store’s grand opening in November 2004. Shelby told me to be on the lookout for Tim Myatt, a local banjo hero, and along with Tim came Clyde Mattocks and then Ted Jones, the Malpass Brothers, Russell Johnson, Roby and Jeff Huffman, Samantha and Daniel Casey and an all-star cast of others from here and neighboring counties.

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