Cast: Dorothy Lee

Dorothy Lee, featured dancer

Dorothy Lee was working with Irvin C. Miller’s Brownskin Models when they were engaged to perform in “Pitch a Boogie Woogie” during the summer of 1947, in Greenville, NC. She’s featured in a semi-strip tease routine in which the other Models encircle her; when they open their circle, she’s been transformed from her more formal attire into a bikini while Sylvester Mike sings “And Even More.”

She also can be seen sitting at a night club table in a scene with emcee Evelyn Whorton and Willie Jones, who was Miller’s stage manager.

Jones said that she was known as “Red” and had a twin who had also worked on the show, but could not recall her name. This was the sort of act, he said, that you’d see at a Midnight Ramble.

Dorothy Lee enters. Eleanor Hines is at center.

–May 5, 2024